About MCHVN in Montgomery County Pennsylvania:


The mission of the Montgomery County Hearing Voices Network is to promote

recovery, acceptance, and education about the experience of hearing voices.


We act as a source of information to voice hearers, families/allies—including those in the mental health system, and the general community. We aim to generate in society an awareness of the hearing voices experience and a better understanding and acceptance of voice hearers and their families/allies. We accomplish this through a collaborative approach among voice hearers, families/allies, service providers and mental health system staff and administrators. The MCHVN aims to provide a framework and an environment that facilitates the recovery processes of people who hear voices that are distressing to them. An important objective is to establish, facilitate, and support self-help/peer support groups for voice hearers. Another important purpose is to educate the wider community about the meanings of hearing voices, and to help reduce stigma and discrimination. The Network develops ongoing strategies and solutions through the integration of voice hearers and mental health professionals working together. This includes education for the mental health system, including service providers and users, other allies, and the general public.

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