The Network Welcomes David Son

David Son is a hearing voices facilitator and supervisor for the Montgomery County Hearing Voices Network. He is a trained facilitator and runs numerous groups during the week throughout the County, promoting the Hearing Voices Approach. He says, “The hearing voices movement is alive and well within the County and it’s a great honor to be a part of this.” He sees the value and importance of the Network’s self-help groups to provide a safe place where individual voice hearers are empowered by talking about their experiences. He says, “The individuals who attend the groups are growing and developing in a process that leads to greater acceptance and understanding of the voice hearing experience. The groups have a powerful impact.”

In addition to facilitating, David helps in getting people to be more involved. He has done outreach to service providers and the larger community. He says, “People need to know that voice hearing is not such an uncommon experience and clearly nothing to be afraid of. We need to move away from a reductionist model of mental health to a recovery approach where individuals are self-directed in their goals to well-being.”

David is a voice hearer and has overcome many challenges with mental health for over twenty years. Educated as a teacher, he transitioned to the field of mental health four years ago and now finds himself an expert-by-experience. He says, “Teaching has taught me the most effective learning comes through self- discovery. Individuals must discover who they are if they want to recover.” He first became a Certified Peer Specialist (CPS) in 2011 and worked as a CPS then CPS supervisor. He says, “There is always hope. Through my personal experience and by witnessing other’s experiences, the evidence is clear.”

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